Glaser Graphics and More! (EST. 1999) has been designed to make your business's design services as simple as shooting fish in a barrel. Ads, Posters, Newsletters! Restaurants, Parties! Any Type of Business...Any Type of Event! We have chosen a variety of pieces to give you an idea of what we have to offer. Our individual services can be custom fit to meet your needs. We can re-create a favorite photo along with delivering it in other formats such as transfer for a shirt or mouse pad! We can create just about anything, so let your creativity fly!

Whether your company is large or small, we can help with your advertising needs. From Yellow Page ads to coupons, we provide a fresh, appealing look that your customers will like and you will love. We provide a proof for your final approval and, as always, your artwork is either e-mailed, sent on disk or printed in a cost saving and timely manner.


Print Ad Design* (Ad Size Varies Slightly Between Publications)

B & W Color
Coupon (2" x 3.5") $50 $75
Business Card (2" x 3.5") $75 $100
Quarter Page (3.75" x 2.35") $75 $100
Third Page (5.75" x 2.35") $125 $175
Half Page (7.75" x 4.85") $200 $275
Full Page (7.75" x 9.75") $300 $400
"Double Truck" Spread
(2 Full Page/1 Ad)
$500 $700

Speciality Designs

Photo Restoration Priced per Inquiry
Flyers/Posters Starting at $300
Brochures/Newsletters/Menus Starting at $400
Billboards Starting at $500

Website Packages

Web Banner Ads Priced per Inquiry
Website .PSD Layout Design Starting at $100
Simple 2 Page Design Starting at $100
Wordpress/Tumblr Blog Template Starting at $200
Full Site Creation Priced per Inquiry
Website Content Management Starting at $50/month


Desktop Publishing for Surgical Inserts and Other Specialty Items Priced Upon Request.

*Above Pricing Does Not Include Printing

NOTE: The first three (3) changes or simple additions are at no charge. Any additional changes or new logos or photos that need to be altered will be an additional $10 charge.